Monday, October 11, 2010

I am back, hopefully to stay.

Hi Readers ( if anyone still bothers to check out my blog, that is; I haven't blogged since I was 14),

I have practically disappeared from my blogging career and I do apologize for for it. But now that I have started blogging again with inspiration from Youlin ( who hasn't been as lazy as me. Please do visit her blog which is filled with awesomeness. As you can probably see, I have deleted my old posts ( all of them(!) so obviously the comments in the chat box are invalid now) and intend to begin this
page anew. I shall now waste this little space by ranting specifically about the books that I read and possibly even by making a little sense.

I was MIA for almost 2 years, and plenty has happened since then.
For one, one of my besties, Emmanuella Darkwah has moved back to Ghana and now goes to Akosombo International School ( and stays in boarding, so I can only speak to her once in 2 months.

Very important event in my life : I graduated from Sayfol *phew* finished my GCE O levels and passed with 8 As and a C. Not so bad. Here are some pictures.

The main entrance

With my favouite teacher, Mrs Todorov, and a friend

Another important, life changing event? I have moved back to india, and am now trying to keep up with all the homework in the International Baccalaureate. Haiz.

the iB logo from

If you read this post, please recommend some awesome/bearable/pathetic books for me to read. I shall be back very soon.

Until then happy waiting!